UPCOMING MUSIC: Two new releases from Biyi, the song-writing Hip Hop artist from North West London

UPCOMING MUSIC: Two new releases from Biyi, the song-writing Hip Hop artist from North West London - BLANGUAGE ONLINE

Queue a rare insight into the vulnerable workings of interpersonal relationships, coming from an unlikely champion: meet Biyi, the professional Rugby playing, song-writing hip hop artist, hailing from North West London.


Speaking with Biyi, he describes his music as “If you wrote a diary [containing] the things you find most difficult to say in person, and they somehow got out into the world”.

Highlighting the internal battles that many people in our youthful generation face - with feeling so much, and so deeply, but still being scared to open up and portray themselves in such light - many of his lyrics focus on the contradictions, juxtapositions and imagery of our personal lives, which are all eerily relatable. 

Having grown up mainly on hip hop, R&B and being heavily influenced by UK artists unapologetic delivery in their music, Biyi manages to fuse thoughtful, heartfelt and reflective imagery with a raw, rough and emotional delivery.




#1 What's Love:

The first of two tracks from the new single is a bitter acceptance that a relationship may be dead and gone after going round in circles. It’s also a reflection on acceptance; that the feelings do not necessarily disappear. Instead, they may be just muted or put on hold until you sit down alone, or lay down and take some time to really think.

Biyi brings a boastful tone about having access to a million other women and the ability to be very rich, but when it all comes down to it there is still only one woman on his mind who he is thinking about. 

Overall, this is a song reflecting his first exploration of those feelings after it all goes wrong, uncovering the fact that it is never as straightforward as we may like it to be, the song going through a confusion of several feelings but still one overriding message to embody this journey. Maybe that’s exactly what love is? Who knows?

#2 Brainstorms: 

Ever taken a moment after the stormy seasons in life to reflect on what you’ve just made it through? Biyi articulates how “telling stories to the metronome” (recording his music) has seen his luck change and acknowledges how life has started to improve since he began to do so.

Addressing the conflict of dealing with struggles with sleepless nights, dangerous thoughts and other pressures meanwhile all his friends and family think that he is poppin’ right now as he appeared to be fine on the outside.

These are the real life situations a lot of us and our peers are constantly dealing with. For Biyi, this song hits home with a positive message: there is always another side of a tough time. Abandoning all of the negative thoughts, and aiming for the top with his people around him who he values highly, Biyi aims to bring relentless hope and positivity to any situation, including past relationships (relating back to 'What’s Love’). 

A light bar to sum it all up: “If you ain't got no hope then ima bring some, you can get the henny and the dim sum”


Both songs will be released on Friday 6th September 2019 via Spotify , make sure you check them out!

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