Meet the creators of Instagram’s #ReelSelf movement

If you are unaware of Reels, it is a fun way to create and edit 15–30 second multi-clip videos, that you
can add audio and effects to. Launched in August, it allows Instagrammers to be more creative with
short-form videos and opens a whole other space where you can be discovered by new audiences.
Plus, your Reels can be discovered on explore page, giving you a better chance of interaction.

Following the UK launch of Reels, Instagram launched the #ReelSelf campaign which saw 11 creators
call out to their communities to express their passion and skills using the #ReelSelf hashtag.

Each of the lead creators involved used the #ReelSelf hashtag to discover and select x10 creators to
benefit from a 3-day virtual programme, which was packed with sessions and talks from industry
professionals to help elevate their content and creativity. Creators joined mindfulness sessions,
discovered how to grow their audiences and joined important conversations and panel discussions to
understand the values of making content that matters.
With quite a few creators being involved in this campaign, we decided to focus on a few that stuck out
for us here at Blangauge. But if you’d like to see more, please do check out the hashtag on Instagram
to discover more.

Meet Fatimah (@itsjustfatimah),
A lover of makeup and anime, Fatimah uses her makeup looks as a way to express her feelings. Her
Instagram feed is a collection of imaginative makeup looks, tutorials and an amazing place for
inspiration and advice. Her DMs are always open if you have any makeup questions and she’s more
than happy to get back to you if you do. If you’re an anime lover, I’m sure you’ll spot some anime
inspired makeup looks amongst her feed. She also uses her platform to amplify black voices, the
focus we should have on Black Lives Matter, providing links, information and her own personal
feelings. Her content is fun and although many of us probably won’t be able to easily recreate her
looks, she makes them feel more accessible with her mini tutorials and product lists. Fatimah’s content
gives me the confidence to play around; there are no rules with makeup, so you should let your
creativity run free and have fun with it.

Meet Lava La Rue (@lavalarue)
Lava La Rue is a London based music artist and founder of the NiNE8 Collective. She sees her music
as a blend of her family’s Caribbean heritage along with her west London upbringing. She creates her
music and visuals through NiNE8, with all their ideas and creativity coming together to produce their
own distinct style and vibe. Her music is hip hop/rnb but with a flavour that’s all her own. She is a true
creative, with her skills extending to more than just her musical talents, crossing over into art, visuals
and poetry. If you’re after an eclectic, cool vibe then Lava La Rue is for you. Her feed is an outpouring
of her creative mind, with raw visuals that although lack finesse have that earthy gritty tone that you
can’t help but be drawn into. She isn’t afraid to show her reel self, and it is easy to see why she was
chosen to be a part of this campaign.

Meet Muslim Sisterhood (@muslimsisterhood)
Muslim Sisterhood is an inclusive creative community with Muslims at the heart of it. They provide a
platform where they can wholeheartedly highlight the female Muslim community and all the facets that
come with it. A place where they can creatively celebrate their identities, keeping it authentic and
shining a light on their diversity rather than trying to shove it into box that fills a quota. They are
activists who are passionate about their community and affecting positive change via artistic outputs.
Their Instagram feed leans heavily on editorial work, with workshops being featured as well i.e. self
defence classes. Their community is growing, and they were recently just featured in Vogue Arabia,
showing they are ones to watch. It is always great to see authentic collectives getting noticed and
being able to use their platform to speak on issues that wouldn’t ordinarily be spoken about. It is also
empowering watching them break away from the stereotypes attached to Muslim women and showing
the world that they are more than what mainstream media portrays them as.

Meet Maya Scarlett (@mayascarlettex)
Maya Scarlett (@mayascarlettex) is an upcoming fashion designer. She is self-taught, which she feels
has given her the freedom to make pieces without the expectation of it being perfect, she has no
boundaries and so is free to be self-expressive with her creations. Her passion for the craft is evident
throughout her feed and with her being self-taught she has the drive and desire to go through trial and error until she gets things right.

It is so easy to get lost in the sea of social media and perfectly edited photos and forget that this
platform also has an amazing creative community who aren’t afraid to show their authentic selves and
share their passions and ideas. Instagram is a world all on its own, with different subcultures for
people to explore and become a part of. And with the world currently stagnant whilst we tackle
Coronavirus, along with a range of other world issues, Reels gives us some seconds of freedom to
immerse ourselves in some wholesome content that isn’t emotionally draining. And if it sounds like
you, get involved and show the world your reel self.