NEW SHOW: 'Black Matter' Presents Black British Mental Health in a New Light

NEW SHOW: 'Black Matter' Presents Black British Mental Health in a New Light - BLANGUAGE ONLINE

2020 has been a far tougher year than anyone could have imagined. But for all of us it should still be one that is open to an element of immediate healing.

Whilst the scars of Covid, #BlackLivesMatter and life in general can become an unspoken norm, 'Black Matter' is encouraging us to open up about our experiences with mental health - and to listen to the voices of those who have also experienced, similarly or differently, a range of issues stemming from their mental health - as a move towards healing as individuals, and within the context of a wider Black community.

Using first-hand interviews and reflections from Black people in the UK, Black Matter looks directly at the realities of mental health amongst Black people -exploring the intersections and direct struggles between Blackness and mental health, in our community, which create more tensions within our personal and individual experiences. 

Black Matter is thoughtfully brought to us by the endearingly determined, 27 year old film producer and director, Salomé-Dior Williams, who was born and raised in North-West London.

Salomé-Dior has expressed that the importance of discussing mental health, within our communities, comes down to acknowledging the traumas that are tied to the Black experience which, then, allows us to move forward and create safe spaces where Black people can feel seen, in a world that constantly chooses not to see us.

For Salomé-Dior, her own experiences with Blackness and mental health have been been shaped by ongoing daily interactions from childhood to date. Her newest work, Black Matter, spans 3 separate conversations with 6 individuals all of whom share two things in common: their experiences with mental health and Blackness. Gathering this information, Salome hopes that on an individual and community based level, we can see some development and radical improvements in the realm of transparency and quality of mental health care relating to Black people in British communities.

Head over to Salomé-Dior's website for Episode 1 of Black Matter today at 6pm GMT

Episode 2 and 3 will be available on a weekly basis, same time, same place following this. 

To watch the trailer, take a look here: