Kadeem Tyrell Speaks On Staying Creative Whilst in Lockdown + His Latest Release 'Talk To Me'.

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Through this really confusing time that everybody is sharing, I've tried my best to find ways to keep myself active. My day job is currently on standby, but thankfully its still bringing in an income so I now have a lot of time on my hands which I was lowkey praying for, before corona entered our lives. It’s hard to keep a positive mindset through this lockdown period when being ordered to stay in your house, but I’ve pushed myself to be as productive as I can.

Even though I’ve been taking advantage of long lay-in’s and eating every second of the day, I've also been taking advantage of social platforms, the internet and my bedroom. My bedroom has suddenly become my writing room, my gym, the vocal and video studio and I’m loving it. With today’s level of technology I think it’s amazing that we are enabled to still be so productive with our days, even during this lockdown period.  

"I'm ready to create endless content and music"

It’s easy to think that there’s nothing to do when in fact the choices are endless, with youtube being the number one spot for having access to learning just about anything. Through this, I’ve chosen to learn a new skill; I’m slowly becoming someone who has the guitar near them every second. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar so what better time than now to start learning and better my artistry over all. There are zero distractions apart from food and Netflix so I’m ready to create endless content and music when I’m not feeling tired, of course.

Although what we are going through is unpredictable and we still don’t know what's happening exactly, I had music prepared for release. The lockdown set the dates back and other plans I had set to start creating visual content, plus the plans to do shows and to promote it. But the lockdown has still worked in my favour and made me work even harder at finding the alternatives. Everybody is at home and searching for entertainment, looking for new sounds to hear and new things to see. 





On his latest release 'Talk To Me'

'Talk to me', which is my first release of 2020, has been received well thankfully and it's a track I’ve hoped brings the feeling of sunlight and joy to people through this distancing time. 'Talk To Me' started off being created in my friend's room which then led to us having more ideas to add another producer's ideas to the track. With no time to wait for another day, we jumped in the car and kept creating with the laptop connected via the Aux, got to the other producer and kept on creating. Times like these will be missed during this time lockdown period.

Being in isolation has forced me to try out new things and utilise the items that I have around me much more for example: Social networking apps and my home studio equipment and editing apps on my MacBook. Before all of this, the level of interaction I had with my fans (THE KT FAMILY) was really poor, mainly because of fear of not “doing it properly” but I’ve been pushing myself more. I’ve been interacting, showing much more of myself on there and using the “Live” function which is something I'd never have done before, as well as posting me singing from the comfort of my bedroom.

With all this free’d up time, I’ve had time to scroll through Instagram a little more and I’ve been SUPER inspired by how everyone is using their time too; the challenges, the new music and more. It’s been great and I keep saying, us humans are amazing beings. By the time this is finished I'm certain my skills in many areas would have developed way past “Beginner”.


Words by Kadeem Tyrell.


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