Blanguage SNDS Live At Sunset debuted with a STELLAR lineup

Blanguage SNDS Live At Sunset debuted with a STELLAR lineup - BLANGUAGE ONLINE


On Monday 10th June 2019, we debuted the first in a series of Blanguage SNDS 'Live At Sunset'; an evening of good music from underground artists who're blazing their own trails! Held at The Library, in central London, we gathered six acts from across the UK who delivered an unforgettable experience. The intimate but lively show catered for a crowd who were hungry for good music, good vibes and good drinks (courtesy of The Library London) too! Live At Sunset is hosted by Poet, William Stowe.


The night opened with an engaging set by R&B songstress BINA, creating a level of comfort with the crowd that you'd expect from a slightly more seasoned act. BINA had the growing crowd on the edge of their chairs and their tippy toes, with an ethereal head-bopper 'Summer Breeze' which was our standout track from her set. Our ears would have been blessed by a surprise acoustic cover of a track from the one Ms. Lennox. But due to technical difficulties, that could not go ahead.

All the reason to have her back, right?



Up next, we had Slum Village's illegitimate love child 2U4U with a sound that reminds us that HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD (I'm literally shouting this from a double decker bus). They make the perfect music to sip Hennessy on-the-rocks to, whilst hanging back with a good book to hand. Not sure exactly how you will interpret this, but it's basically your cue to enjoy a very unique experience! Lead vocals were delivered by My Rugema with Atma & Ranbir on producer duties. The group performed with ease as they aced their debut live performance. The boys were also styled by our newly appointed, in-house stylist Jermaine Robinson and were wearing clothing from Liam Hodges, Bianca Saunders, Dr Martens, Uniqlo, alongside their own signature band tees. 2U4U were previously featured on our Ones To Watch 2019 list. 



Soon after, Cloude Atlas hit the stage with a roaring energy and a sea of supporters showing love from the crowd. Although it was short, their set was the perfect mid-show lift that we needed to keep us hype. These stars in the making really showed what they're made of. Our standout moment was their banger 'Portico' - a song full of energy, personality and witty wordplay. As with everyone else from the night, make sure you do not forget to stay on the ball and up to date with 'Cloude Atlas'.



Domo Gorille came up and exhibited a raw energy reminiscent of a young BBK icon (hint... Konnichiwa!). His vocal tone is deep and resounding. Domo was wearing Bianca Saunders, styled once again by our very own Jermaine Robinson. Domo's graphic design work played in the background during his performances, showing the range of talent that he encapsulates. Listen to 'Ocean's Verge' by Domo feat. Denzel Nonso, our special selection from his performance on the night.



NiNE8 were the penultimate performers of the night and delivered a vibey performance that made you feel like you were watching your dearest mates perform within the comfort of your bedroom. The level of chill and tranquility was one to be embraced and was reflected by the crowd who vibed sweetly as their set went on. If you're looking for something to mellow down to, follow our lead: the collective performed a selection of songs from their latest EP 'No Smoke'.



To close the night off, Bandanna came through with the stage presence of a major performer with no hesitation about putting on a one-man-show. Hailing from London collective, House of Pharaohs, Bandanna got to really shine as an artist at Live At Sunset and the crowd were right there with him.

Live At Sunset is truly an opportunity to exhibit the best underground talent in a chilled setting. Be sure to be at the next one! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with when our next live show is and everything else happening with the brand!

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BINA - @binaofficial


2U4U - @2u4umusic


Cloude Atlas - @cloudeatlas


Domo Gorille - @domogorille


NiNE8 - @nine8collective


Bandanna - @bandannaclips



Words by Daniel Amoakoh

Photography by Joel Bailey